What are the steps in getting a Concealed Weapons permit

Securing is very important. But individuals  must clear a back ground clearance before a legal permit is issued. People have different reasons for wanting to acquire ammunition like rifles and pistols. The common and most logic assumption is protection.

If you are interested in acquiring a weapon, there is the legal procedure to have your request honored.

The following are some of the steps in getting a concealed weapon.

 Checking for eligibility

For you to be granted a firearm license from the authority, you must confirm your eligibility. Some of the qualifications include:

Be of legal age (mostly at least 18 years)

Do not have a drug abuse record

Have a clean criminal record

1111jhgBe competent with use of firearm

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you are required to give a legitimate explanation as to why you want to acquire a weapon. It might include you taking a psychological test to ascertain that you are mentally straight.

Upon meeting the above credentials, you can now apply for a concealed weapon permit.

Training and certification of completion.

After confirmation of your eligibility, you should be taken through a training course. This is aimed at ensuring you are well equipped with the knowledge about firearms and how to handle it. Most courses take at least 16 hours. A firearms safety instruction course is offered which include the laws governing the use of firearms. Afterward, a certificate is issued to certify that you have successfully concluded the training.

 Taking fingerprints and photograph

The division of licensing requires you to have your fingerprints taken and submitted. This is entered in their record alongside your details.

You will also be required to produce a passport sized’ photograph.

The fingerprinting is essential as the information will be used to track you if your weapon is used to commit a crime.

 Application for a weapon permit.

After being proven viable to possess a firearm, you will be directed on how to apply for a firearm license. You can visit the license office if the process has ton entail paperwork. Here, you are given an application form and fill the required details. You should provide the certificate of completion to verify your training. Pay a fixed non-refundable amount for the license. If the process is online, you can apply for the application form and send the relevant details.


3333ewqThe right to own a firearm and being issued with a weapon permit is not an authorization to use it. It’s only a legal license to allow you to carry a gun. It’s advisable to be responsible with the privilege of owning a firearm and ensure accountability.