Dating is something that comes with a lot good things and joy. If you start dating when ready and with a positive mind then, you will be the happiest woman or man on earth. You do not need to get scared of dating, try it from the right perspective and for sure yo will not regret. Take a step of faith and approach that girl you always wanted.


You should have friends, and not just friends but good friends who can support you in case the relationship fails

You need people who can cry with you in the case of a heartbreak and not judge you. The friends should have other friends apart from you so that they will not get lonely when you are spending time with the person you dating.

You should start getting comfortable naked before someoneqwdefrs

Remember at some point in the relationship you will have your clothes down. The comfort without makeup, being just natural is just important, your partner will see you in mornings when you make up free, so you should be okay with that.

Experience with somebody who did not treat you as you wanted is needed too

This gives you the ability to know if the person you about to date is serious and treating you right, or it is just another looser out to hurt your feelings and waste your time.

Meet his family

If your relationships succeed and grow to the level of meeting his or her family, then you need the ability to please their parents and siblings if need be. Some parents are very keen on who their daughter or son brings home, therefore; you should behave in an impressive and likable manner.

Financial stability

This is needed so that you are not getting in a relationship for support to settle your bills. If some partners notice this they might run away, so before you step your foot in dating, you need to have loaded accounts, a stable job or another source of finances.
An idea of your life in a period of five years. Where do want to be in five years? What do you want to have achieved? Where do you want to be? You should have a clear answer to the above questions before deciding to date. This helps you focus and even chose the right partner, those with dreams similar or higher than yours.

You need the ability to stand up for what you want and believe in life

wddsscYour partner should know that you should be able to tell it to them clearly. This will remove the pressure of explaining to somebody you have been in a relationship with that for example; you need to have kids or love traveling for leisure. You should be in a relationship because you are comfortable with the other party not because you want to lure or change them.