How to be couple goals

Having the title of couple goals bestowed upon you is such an honor in this modern era. Being cute with your partner and flaunting it online to show the world how cute you two are and how you two belong to each other is a guilty pleasure that boosts your pride. From supporting each other by liking and commenting posts on social media to uploading pictures of you and your significant other being lovey-dovey, there are lots of ways to show how you and your partner are perfect for each other. Here are a few approaches on how you can be couple goals.

Matching clothes

nwvep320Buy clothing with your partner that are two peas in a pod. People may call it super corny when you wear matching clothes, but hey, it is totally adorable. Wear it out to the public and walk hand-in-hand, side by side, glaring into each other’s eyes and you will officially be couple goals. Wear matching t-shirts like this Thing 1 Thing 2 Shirt or matching caps or even pants. If being matchy-matchy is not your style, you can opt for something color coordinated or something with similar styles.

Extravagant gifts

Gift giving makes the world go round in terms of relationships. It is an act to show your affection and express your love to your significant other. Small thoughtful gifts are wonderful to give to your loved one, but an extravagant one is even more wonderful. As they all say, bigger is always better. Buy her the biggest teddy bear you can find for her to snuggle with, or deliver her a hundred bouquet of roses so that her house will be filled with the scent of fresh flowers all week, or even surprise your partner with a nice weekend trip for a vacation to give a much-needed quality time that you can enjoy together.

Post it on social

ehpw8820If it’s not on social, did it even happen? To be the modern day Cinderella and Prince Charming, making people know that you are absolutely adorable together online is a must. To be judged as couple goals AF, people must be able to know and see in order to give you credit. Post pictures of the two of you being totally in love on Instagram, tag your significant other on Facebook posts that are relatable to your love life and personality, tweet sweet things at each other on Twitter, and do all the necessary things so that your cuteness can be seen.